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About Us


We offer comprehensive services encompassing engineering investigations;
damage assessment and mitigation; and property restoration solutions. We stand firm on our findings and strategic solutions to testify as expert witness in the court of law.

Our experts are on duty to respond to your needs 24/7. We respond to each assignment immediately after it is assigned. We follow up by securing a schedule to perform the field investigations. We deliver reports within 2-3 business days after our investigations have been completed.

Mission and Vision

Our clients are our long-term trusted partners. We treat each client with the utmost care and confidentiality. We deliver solutions based on the scope of work of each assignment. We use technical and peer review for quality assurance to bring value to our client.

Our qualified and experienced engineers and scientists serve clients directly in every assignment in the most competent manner. They serve with the highest ethical and moral standards and perform unbiased diagnostic and analysis.

We stream-lined the redundant process and deliver targeted solutions to minimize cost to our clients.

We strongly believe in an open, honest and fair policy at work in order to create a pleasant, dynamic, and motivating working atmosphere. People in our organization are the most important asset; therefore, they are always respected and valued.

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